Why are There So Many Women in Yoga Classes?

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By : Dianne Cohen

While yoga has gained somewhat of a false reputation for being something that only women do, the truth is that there are a number of men who do it as well in order to stay in shape and perform well in certain sports. Yoga can certainly help with increasing flexibility, so you will be able to do more physically. There are different levels of yoga for those who are just starting out and those who have more experience than others. Some yoga stretches and poses can be quite challenging, especially for those who have not done yoga before. Although there are many men who consider yoga to be feminine in nature, the truth is that there are plenty of male athletes that practice it on a daily basis to stay in shape and do well in their own respective sport.

Whether or not you can do certain yoga poses is not a question or masculinity or femininity so much as it is how much experience and practice you have. Many people have to do yoga for years before they are ready to start doing certain poses which are considered to be extremely challenging and advanced. You will be able to take a beginner’s yoga class and work your way up. One of these classes will give you an idea as to just how many men are interested in and practice it.

In any given yoga class you will find at least a few men, because as mentioned above, it is not only for women. There are many benefits to increased flexibility, especially for those who play sports which require great speed and agility. There have been thousands of athletes who have turned to yoga in order to improve their game, so there is certainly nothing feminine about it.

Just about every sport demands a decent amount of flexibility, whether or not it seems like it. Very physical contact sports like football and lacrosse are prime examples of activities that demand the players to be in peak physical condition, and sometimes yoga helps people to get there. The more you do yoga the more you will see just what the benefits are, both physically and mentally. It is meant to increase flexibility but it also promoted overall well-being and health for those who need it the most. Men can benefit from doing yoga just as much as women. If you are interested in what it can offer you, it might be a good idea to look for a class at your local gym that you can take.

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