Why do yoga?

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Yoga is a great workout that provides enormous benefits. It builds strength, endurance, and flexibility. Additionally, it massages all of the organs, improves mental focus, and helps to reduce stress. It will also detoxify one’s body leading to better overall health. These benefits are available to everyone from athletes to the normal Joe.

First, before I go over why one should do yoga, I would like to go over some reasons why people may stay away from it:

1. A lot of people don’t try yoga because they may think that yoga is too spiritual or “weird”.

2. People think they’re not flexible enough.

3. It’s not good for strengthening and conditioning.

Yoga is very spiritually based. However, there is a reason behind it. The spiritual aspect of yoga helps one to become in tune with one’s body and soul through increasing body-awareness. Contrary to popular belief, one does not have to be flexible to do yoga. The poses can be done at your limit and at your own pace, and over time one’s flexibility will improve. Yoga doesn’t seem like a very good alternative to weight lifting, but it is! Yoga tones and sculpts one’s body, and makes you stronger(especially in weak spots that don’t get worked in traditional workouts).

Here are some reasons why one should do yoga:

1. Better mental health. Yoga improves mental focus through breathing techniques, and tames the body’s stress response. This leads to reduced anxiety and stress.

2. Improved physical health. Yoga strengthens one’s cardiovascular strength, muscle strength, and core strength. It also massages all of one’s organs through twist poses. Additionally, through increased body-awareness, yoga helps one recognize symptoms of disease early allowing for corrective actions.

3. You feel great! Honestly, after doing a yoga workout, one feels great!!!! One’s posture is better, stress is melted away, etc. Just give it a try!

I love yoga. It really is a great workout, or even just a compliment to any workout regime. The program that I’ve been recommending for a while is called Runner’s Yoga. Runner’s Yoga is great because it literally teaches one to become one’s own yoga instructor.

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