why you should replace snacking with yoga with weights ?

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Many people can find time to snack, but they can’t seem to set aside time to exercise. Why is that? A yoga-with-weights workout can take as little as 20 minutes, or about twice the 10 minutes you devote to snacking. Why not forego the snack (or just a couple snacking sessions) and do the exercises instead? You can use the time in the mid-afternoon that you usually devote to snacking for exercising, which gives you a bunch of different benefits:
1. You may get a better energy boost from exercising than you experience from heavy snacking.
Exercising speeds up your metabolism and makes your body more efficient at processing calories and fat, which can help you lose weight and feel more energetic. Your heart beats faster, and your body functions more efficiently.
2. You spare yourself the guilt and remorse of not exercising and feel happy that you took the time.
3. You don’t add to your daily calorie intake.
4. You lose excess weight and help to keep your body healthy.

You may also consider skipping a big lunch now and then in favor of a yoga with- weights workout. Again, you get the energy benefits of eating a light lunch without the excess calories. Or, instead of skipping lunch altogether, have a light and easy-to-digest snack — an energy bar or protein drink, for example — and then work out. Snack with healthy foods when you feel like it. Explore and experiment with your bodily needs to find out which foods work best for you. Getting to know yourself better is part of the fun.

Everyone’s metabolism is different, and everyone has a best time for exercising. Yoga with weights requires you to stretch, and some people are too stiff in the morning to stretch. Some people prefer not to exercise at night because it speeds up their metabolism and gives them energy boosts, which makes it hard for them to fall asleep. Most people use trial and error to discover the best times for them to exercise during the day. Listen to your body to understand how exercise affects your daily energy cycles, and discover the best time of day for you to exercise. When you discover that time and decide how often to work out, build a regular exercise schedule for doing yoga
-with-weights exercises, and stick to your schedule.

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