Yoga A Path To Happiness

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There are many paths to happiness and Yoga is one of them. Within all forms of Yoga, we learn the universal principles tolerance and acceptance. To avoid judging one’s self, and others, is a key to finding contentment. Let’s look at how the practice of Yoga can be your path to happiness.

When we learn to accept ourselves, and others, at face value we have made a major step toward contentment. There is much energy wasted in attempts to change others around us. How many people want to change the way a friend, spouse, or partner lives life? Maybe we want to change others for the best, or possibly we just want to micro-manage someone else’s life.

You have to wonder how relationships survive, if one side or both sides of the relationship constantly struggle for change and control. If we constantly judge, over handle, and refuse to accept differences in friends, we strain the entire structure of a friendship.

Accepting one’s self, and our friends, at face value is a key to complete contentment. If we cannot accept who we are, we have the power to change from within. Changing a friend is another matter. Hardly anyone will change just because we advise it. Many people resist well-intended advice. We can do our best to be a good example and keep advice, which places our friendship in jeopardy, to ourselves.

Yoga teaches us that compassion (karuna) for all beings is a moral action. Karuna is not simply pity; it is the action of compassion for others. If we have compassion for loved ones, why do we choose to judge them or struggle for dominance in our relationships?

Granted, there are times when we should help a person we see who is on a path of self-destruction. For example: Our children cannot guide themselves, until they are adults. As parents, we would like to see our children responsibly take control of their own lives. Once a child becomes an adult, we are best to think carefully and be controlled in our advice.

With all of this said, the moderate Yogic path is the best choice in building relationships of unity. Loving relationships are difficult for many of us to maintain, but we can put forward our best effort. It is not an easy task to accept people the way they are, but we will be much happier when we learn to appreciate the positive aspects of our relationships.

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