Yoga And Meditation

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Yoga and meditation are two disciplines that go hand in hand. Any good yoga practice should incorporate some type of meditation. Often, meditative breathing is included at the beginning or at the end of a yoga practice to help release tension and quiet the mind. There are many different types of meditation techniques that can be used during yoga.

The easiest way to get started with meditation is to practice deep breathing exercises. This can be performed at the start of a yoga practice to help relax the body. First, take a deep inhale through the nose. This inhalation should come from the diaphragm, not from the chest. Look for your stomach to rise, followed by the lungs. Then, take a deep exhale through the mouth. Try to make the exhalation last as long as the inhalation. Repeat a few times until the breath is even.

Another type of meditation that is good for a yoga practice is progressive muscle relaxation. This technique is best performed at the end of a yoga routine. First, lie flat on your back in the prone position. Starting with the feet, tense the muscles for a few seconds, and then release. Continue tensing and releasing each muscle in the body, moving up from the feet to the shoulders, neck, and face. Be sure that you focus on the sensation of relaxation as each muscle becomes released from tension.

Both of these meditation techniques are good for incorporating into a yoga practice. Meditation can help to take your routine to the next level.

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