Yoga And Meditation – The Essential Keys For Maximum Benefits

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Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuk (literally meaning “yoke” which gave rise to the modern English words yoke and union). In yoga, your objective is to gain control of the body and the mind. By controlling the body through yogic exercises, you eventually learn to control your mind. Unless you can control both body and mind, you will not reap the real benefits of yoga and meditation.

You may have heard others talk about yoga and meditation, but there may still be something mysterious about what it involves. One common perception is that you can essentially practise yoga by simply doing the series of physical yoga positions. There is indeed a refined system of yoga positions to be followed, but it is important to realise that yoga is immensely more than physical exercise if you really wish to maximise the benefits of holistic yoga.

The meaning of yoga, and the ultimate objective of yoga meditation, is to achieve the union of body, mind, and spirit; union of the individual with the entirety of creation; and unity of the individual with the creative force, the divinity in all there is. By helping you achieve unity with this life force, you discover who you truly are.

One of yoga’s most important benefits comes from the use of meditation for stress relief. Health experts believe that stress can give rise to many of the common illnesses. Stress can lead to elevated blood pressure, faster heart rate, and production of toxic substances. Yoga meditation induces opposite effects, relieving stress and promoting relaxation.

Yoga positions stretch and tone most of your muscles, helping you achieve overall fitness. The exercises increase the range of motion in joints and help protect muscle from injury during more strenuous physical activities such as sports and athletics. Many yoga positions enhance the flexibility and improve the alignment of your spine. If you suffer from chronic back problems, you can well appreciate the relief to mind and body this can bring.

A number of yoga positions are designed to improve circulation, enhance digestion and promote more efficient elimination of toxic wastes. Internal organs are tenderly massaged and toned, helping them to function more optimally. It is easy to see that yoga can become the core of your health and wellness program.

Yoga has developed a rich system of exercises and techniques that are used to promote harmony and well-being of body, mind, and spirit. By regularly performing the various yoga positions, you enhance the functioning of your musculoskeletal and circulatory systems. By regularly practicing yoga meditation, you achieve deeper levels of relaxation and strengthen your mind’s power of concentration. The system helps you gain soundness of body, clarity of mind, and vitality of spirit.

If you follow the holistic yoga practices regularly, you will soon find that they open up opportunities to reconnect with the self and to learn self-acceptance. Through sustained practice of yoga and meditation, you can experience the invaluable benefits of inner peace and joy that can come with a healthier body and more self-awareness.

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