Yoga And Time Off – Precious Time For Reflection

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By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.

Time off, or time away from work, is special to us because it gives us a chance to re-direct our energy. Some of us might call this “time to get our bearings straight.” Yet, how many people really take time off for themselves? Is it selfish to spend time on meditation, Yoga, or self-analysis during the holidays or on vacation? Let’s explore these questions, and see how we can accomplish more, when we have time off.

How many people really take time off for themselves? The short answer is: Not many. Students are very honest with their Yoga teachers. When asked how much time they spent meditating during the week, most Yoga students will readily admit they do not meditate at all. When asked how often they practice relaxation techniques, which are taught in Yoga class, most will admit that they do not practice any Yogic form of relaxation during the week.

There are exceptions to everything, and the above-mentioned information applies to western Yoga students. However, students and Yoga teachers, in Asia, also admit that life is moving much too fast. Family ties, job security, and global economics have challenged people in every corner of the earth. Strangely, humans seem to be addicted to electronic stimulation, and it is difficult for us to unplug ourselves from technology.

Is it selfish to spend time on meditation, Yoga, or self-analysis, during the holidays or on vacation? Everyone needs to take a break from bad news, technology, and work. Time away from work is short-lived and it should be appreciated to its maximum potential. This is time for rest, relaxation, healing, meditation, creative thinking, and finding one’s sense of direction.

Time spent on self-reflection helps one find solutions to healing the inner being. When the inner being is healed, it is much easier to help others, if they need, or want, our help. This need for self-reflection and healing, from within, is a simple formula known by sages of the past. A state of complete awareness (self-realization) cannot be reached without first healing your inner being.

Consider this: If you are in pain, what can you focus on? Usually, you can only focus on pain, but some of us might focus on revenge. A rare few blessed souls can focus on forgiveness, when feeling pain. Hopefully, our pain can be healed when we have time off and realize that forgiveness is the key to spiritual freedom. When we let go of our hate, anger, intolerance, and desire for revenge, we experience self-healing and we reflect spiritual beauty from within.

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