Yoga As an Effective Alternative


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Yoga is at the core of alternative systems that are widely employed to prevent and treat various diseases of the heart. The physical activity in Yoga enhances cardiac efficiency precipitously soon after a person starts practising Yoga. In fact, Yoga is as effective in increasing muscle efficiency as any dynamic exercise like running or swimming.

Yoga & Cardiovascular Care
Yoga has an important role in both the primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases as well as recurrence of heart attacks, hypertension and coronary heart diseases. As opposed to a therapeutic intervention, such as an angioplasty or bypass surgery, which cannot stop the disease from cropping up again – medical practitioners agree – Yoga can definitely help in hindering the progress of heart diseases.

According to Dr. HS Wasir, mental relaxation through meditation and Yoga contribute heavily to the prevention of atherosclerosis (narrowing of coronary arteries and brain blood vessels). Aasanas or Yogic postures have a positive catalytic effect that helps control not only heart diseases, but many others, such as diabetes, obesity, psychiatric illnesses.

The Four Corner Stones
Traditional Vedic wisdom encapsulated in Yoga can be effectively applied in the control and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The four vital aspects of Yogic training – Achaar (character and conduct), Vichaar (perception), Vyavahaar (behavior) and Ahaar (diet) form the corner-stones of good health.

Yoga Programs for Heart Care
There are quite a few comprehensive programs for heart patients and certification courses for Yoga teachers, who would like to share Yoga with people living with heart disease, cancer and other debilitating diseases. Such training programs generally focus on the theory and practice of asana, pranayama, deep relaxation, imagery and meditation as applied for cardiac and general health.

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