Yoga At Home Good Choice For Moms

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By : Jacy Spin

It is a given exercise is critical to a healthy life but how we get exercise has changed over the last century. Staying fit used to be a byproduct of day to day life. Without the conveniences we have today, just doing the laundry was a workout. Now we go to the gym or lets say we buy a gym membership with the best of intentions, unfortunately just carrying around a membership card does not actually burn too many calories.

The reality of carving out the time to workout around work, kids, housework can seem like a herculean task. Celebrities like Kirsty Alley and Oprah can hire a personal trainer and personal chefs but chances are that would not be possible for the average mom. This is where having a few good Yoga-meditation-workout dvds can really be helpful. Variety is the spice of life so mix it it up.

The great thing about working out with a yoga dvd is that you do not have to leave the house to get a workout. Okay lets face it we do not always want to be doing downward dog with our back end in the face of the person behind us in yoga class or deal with the pick up atmosphere at the gym. Yoga in particular is perfect for moms home workout because yoga is more about centering ourselves and going inward with meditation in contrast to lets say aerobics where the energy of the class helps you keep going.

Yoga is a wonderful way to strengthen and stretch the muscles that are taxed by carrying and delivering a baby. Working out prenatally can help with delivery and postnatal recovery. Of course these dvds are perfect for the new mom when sometimes just getting a shower feels like major a accomplishment. So go on and work out in your pajamas if you were not able to get dressed today. Having a few good workout dvds can mean that you can sneak a fifteen minute mini-workout while baby is sleeping. This can help de-stress and revitalize mom and quite often a calm centered mom makes for a much calmer baby.

There are some wonderful yoga dvds created for children as well. Giving children lifelong tools for refocusing the mindset and mood. Teaching yoga fundamentals will help build physical fitness and self-confidence, and challenge coordination and imagination. This has the added bonus of having a positive effect on children behavior and concentration. One example would be ‘Yoga Yoga Kids 3 Silly-to-Calm’ with award-winning yogakids creator Marsha Wenig, available at along with a variety of other yoga-meditation dvds. Starting children out early with yoga can help them learn to relax and center themselves which can only help Mom with happier, calmer children. .

Of course it is important to talk to your Doctor before starting any kind of work out routine especially during pregnancy and if you have no experience with yoga it may be helpful to go to a few classes just to make sure you are doing the poses correctly and safely.

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