Yoga At The Workplace

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By : Alexander Gray

Yoga is known to lower stress and keep your body toned. Unfortunately, you may be too busy to take Yoga classes. That’s no excuse because you can do yoga moves at the office without changing into exercise clothes. Just a few minutes of office Yoga a couple of times a day can make standing up or sitting down at your desk much more pleasant.

Without leaving your chair, sit straight with your back pressed against the chair. Your feet must be flat against the floor, so it would be best to take off your high heels. Push your toes to the floor and raise your heels. Then press your heels to the floor while raising your toes. Continue the exercise by alternating heels and toes. You will feel the lower leg muscles stretch and relax. It may be a little hard at first, but it won’t be long until you begin to feel your legs relax. You can easily engage in this activity while you are talking to a client on the phone.

Take in a deep breath as you slowly raise your arms over your head. Use your right hand to take hold of your left wrist. Bend to the right and exhale gradually. Breathe in again and return to a straight position. Now repeat the same exercise with the opposite hand.

Move your chair away from your desk. Starting with your back against the chair, slowly fold your upper body until your hands can touch the floor. Stretch gently until you can place your palms down on the floor. Hold that position for ten seconds, and then slowly roll upward to sitting position.

Sit with your back straight and pressed against the chair. Slowly look down and bring your chin toward your chest. Move your head in slow circles, going to the right, and then to the center and to the left. Focus on keeping your shoulders from tightening while you move your head.

Engage in a half cat stretch. Keep your feet flat against the floor. Place your hand on your knees. Take a deep, slow breath and arch your back slowly, bringing yourself to look at the ceiling. Breathe out and round your spine in the opposite direction, allowing your chin to come down to your chest. Pause a few seconds and repeat this stretch.

In five minutes, you can do a few desk yoga moves that relax your body and energize your sense of well-being. You can repeat this routine several times each day. Desk Yoga is proven to help you relieve stress. When you feel overwhelmed with work or frustrated with an task that’s not working out as you planned, don’t reach for chocolate or go out on a smoke break. Yoga, however, can naturally soothe your nerves and promote a healthier lifestyle.

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