Yoga Ball Exercises

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To practice Yoga is to bring balance to your mind and body. Yoga exercise is not like any other. It is intended to unite the organs of the body together with the muscles and nerves in order that they may work together in harmony toward our good health. Yoga is serenity and peace as well as the destroyer of pain. It is the secret of life itself. Practicing Yoga brings peace and happiness into ones life.

The first Yoga exercise and perhaps the, most important as it helps toward performing all of the Yoga exercises needed to benefit from your Yoga efforts. That first exercise is to learn to breathe properly. Breathing should be done from the diaphragm and not from the chest. Draw your breath and feel it in the diaphragm. It will feel as if your stomach is being pulled inward. Take a deep breathe with your mouth closed and take in the breath from the diaphragm. Exhale with your mouth slightly open. Doing this about three times in succession will help your to feel relaxed and ready for exercise. Practice breathing this way daily.

If you are planning to exercise using an exercise ball then the best place to start is with the stretching exercise. This exercise is particularly helpful for back pain, although it should be done, cautiously. With the ball in front of you, lay yourself on it so that you are actually lying fully on your stomach and drop the arms and legs on either side as far as they will go. Stretch to get them to go farther. Flexibility is important in the practice of Yoga ball exercises and using the Yoga ball will eventually give your body that needed flexibility. This exercise can be reversed by lying on your back and placing the arms and legs in the same stretching position as we mentioned above. In both exercises be sure that your back is completely on the ball.

Balance in our body as well as our mind is necessary to keep us healthy. After all, we were born with a well balanced body; a left and right side, a top and a bottom and a front and a back. A higher power gave us a balanced jump start and the rest is up to us.

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