Yoga Cushions-Making the art of Yoga easier and more comfortable

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The B.K.S Iyengar School of Yoga, created by B. K. S. Iyengar, is a form of Yoga that utilizes a lot of props such as Yoga Cushions, Yoga belts, Yoga blocks and Yoga bolsters to assist the practitioner in performing asanas or postures. These props enable individuals who are new to Yoga practice to perform the asanas (stances) in an easier and unrestricted manner without having to over-extend themselves. This holds especially true for women who are pregnant, elderly people and ailing individuals as well.

Similarly, there is another branch of Yoga called Medical Yoga, which is a blend of Hatha Yoga and advanced medical diagnostic techniques such as X-rays, M.R.I., etc. Medical Yoga uses 3-6 Hatha Yoga asanas with the aid of specifically designed props such as Yoga belts, Yoga chairs and Yoga Cushions to treat patients.

Besides these two schools, individuals who are new to Yoga can utilize these props to help them overcome any initial problems they may face in terms of lack of flexibility and insufficient core balance which is needed to carry out some Yoga postures.

In this short article, we will look at the way Yoga Cushions can aid practitioners. The first type of Yoga Cushion is the Zafu cushion.

Zafu cushions are of two types; the traditional one being round shaped and normally stuffed with buckwheat hulls, natural kapok or organic cotton. The reason for these types of fillings is firstly that they are comfortable materials for people to be seated on for extended periods of time and that they are durable and long lasting as well.

The other type is the crescent or kidney shaped Zafu cushion, which is favored by individuals who sit in the cross-legged position for extended periods of time.

The advantage of Zafu cushions is that due to it their ergonomic design they give the Yoga practitioner a proper posture, enable better spine alignment and at the same time stabilize his or her back. Due to the fact that it has no back support, a Zafu cushion lets the spine to assume its natural curvature and thereby enables for deeper breathing. This allows for comfortable seating and alleviates any pain that may be caused on the knees, ankles and back. The end result of its use is that an individual can concentrate completely on the task of mediating and enjoy all the benefits the exercise has to offer.

Normally, Zafu cushions work better on Zabuton mats. The reason for this is that they provide a base for the Zafu cushions and give additional support for the back, knees and ankles and prevent any strain or pain that may be caused. This also makes sitting on hard surfaces such as wood or stone easier. Zabutons are also filled with buckwheat hulls, kapok or cotton.

Yoga Cushions give a practitioner the advantages of proper spine alignment, additional comfort when asanas are carried out and added support or cushioning. Nowadays, there are many options available and choosing one’s right Yoga Cushion is a simple and straightforward procedure.

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