Yoga for Kids – Your Children Will Thank You When They Grow Up

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When I was 12 years old I bought a book that was located at the grocery checkout line about yoga. The book cost a quarter and it showed different yoga poses. I was able to master the majority of the poses and that sparked a love of yoga for me. I didn’t understand all of the principles of yoga but I did enjoy the physical aspect of the practice and found that it helped me as I began to study dance. When I began practicing yoga many of my friends were not familiar with yoga. I tried to teach my friends but only a few showed any interest.

Yoga for kids has been growing in popularity. Yoga is a non-competitive activity and is especially good for children who don’t excel in traditional sports activities. The poses and routines in the Yoga for kids classes are designed for children. Many of the routines developed are presented in a fun way. Some of the poses are presented as animals or trees that allow the children to use their imagination and make it like a game.

Children will become more conscious of their bodies therefore making them more aware of their diets and posture as they continue to practice yoga. Children are naturally more flexible and by practicing the yoga poses they can set a good foundation that will further increase their flexibility as they get older. Benefits: Improved posture, balance; Improved gross and fine motor skills; Improved concentration in school. Children subjected to many more stressors today. Sometimes the stress is harder for children because they haven’t learned how to effectively cope with it. This is a contributing factor if children experimenting with many unhealthy habits. Yoga can help channel that energy, through breathing techniques and yoga postures, and teach children how to effectively manage stress. These stress management tools will be a foundation that will help the child throughout their life.

Yoga has also been shown to children help children with developmental and learning disabilities. Children with Cerebral Palsy have experienced improvement in muscle tone. Children with ADHD have experienced improvement with hyperactivity and concentration associated with the breathing techniques learned through yoga. There are many classes around the country that teach yoga for kids along with many DVDs that are led by qualified instructors. Many of the classes and DVDs teach children as young as 2 years old. There are also yoga mats available for kids along with balls and yoga totes.

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