Yoga For Life

Source : Article Snatch

By : Dave B

Education is the cornerstone towards gaining knowledge of yoga poses. For a lasting outcome an attitude of perseverance must be set in order to become trained in yoga. Becoming disheartened is a common trend amongst beginners in any starting practice and loosing focus happens but with persistence one can attain long term lasting results with yoga. To be able to practice the art of yoga by the book effectively, your body and mind must be relaxed through breathing to start with.

Built up tension or stiff muscles may delay progression and the end result is not achieved. If you have doubts and concerns at the time of your yoga session just dissolve them in the moment as if there’s nothing else to think about but breathing and the flow of movement. The trick is to realize the power of now and to dissolve all anxieties with the rhythm of the breath. To separate oneself from physical and mental bondages of this world the practice must maintained, with an attitude aimed toward the cultivation of lasting joy and physical wellbeing. Pursuing knowledge in the form of yoga increases ones desire to reach the unattainable a burning passion is ignited to excel beyond the current state of being. Development of dormant attributes is another side effect of yoga. Coming into balance with ones mind is a gift that only the Gods can give ,yoga allows this gift to be received in full. Significant changes can emotionally be felt and visible changes noted .Polluted thinking is broken down and blockages that restrict physical development and conscious evolution are removed with continued practice and dedication. It ‘s an art form of many benefits and can fulfill the lacking void in ones life. It is a life saver in many ways and will continue to change many bodies and minds for years to come.

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