Yoga for Weight Loss

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Increasing in popularity in Western cultures, the practice of asana, or yoga, as it is more popularly known, is a series of movements that are done in sequences that maximize the flow of oxygen and blood through the body. Focusing on the mind, spirit and body in union, yoga provides numerous health benefits.

Originating over 5,000 years ago this Hindu philosophy is a great way to lose weight. Involving the body as a whole, those who practice yoga achieve multiple benefits of which include strength, flexibility, and confidence.

Based o n a sequence of poses, yoga is also the best way to lose weight because those who practice yoga have achieve better breathing, posture, and muscle tone. Building muscle tone is a necessary component for fat burning.

The practice of yoga is an individual experience. Unlike other activities, which are based on competition, yoga is a personal journey that focuses on physical, mental and spiritual growth of each individual. It has been said about yoga that the physical achievements lead to spiritual discovery.

Since yoga is a personal experience, no matter what the level of fitness an individual is at, everyone can participate. Starting off slow and building up to a challenging practice is the best way to practice. Often times however, the intensity of a yoga regime is not enough to raise your heart rate to a level of aerobic exercise. In this instance it is recommended that it be practiced in conjunction with a running or walking routine.

Due to the gentle nature of yoga, many pregnant women are able to participate in yoga during pregnancy, and find it a great way to lose weight fast after birth.

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