Yoga For Women

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Yoga has been one of the foremost ways of attaining a balanced mind, body and soul for many years now. Yoga integrates the body with the inner consciousness. For its proven scientific base and methodology, yoga has been thoroughly popular since many years. One can unite his own consciousness with the universal consciousness. The highest state of spirituality becomes clearer through this gradual process of self-realization. One can easily control his/her mind, body and soul by practicing any form of yoga, Kundalini yoga, Kriya yoga or Hatha yoga.

Yoga music plays a pivotal role in aiding the entire process of meditation. Music has the power to turn away tensions, stresses. Music has the power to bring out a person from her current state to a state of oneness with god. Music is universal, and when it is teamed up with yoga it can emancipate a person from all the worldly worries and thoughts. Music has a tremendous impact on all three types of yoga structures such as yoga poses, meditation and breathing exercises. With its tunes that touch the heart, music has the power to increase the concentration level drastically. Spirit Voyage offers a huge array of yoga music CDs and DVDs which will assist anyone who want to learn and practice Yoga. Blessings of a woman by Satkrin Kaur Khalsa is one such Yoga DVD which pushes the women to uplift themselves to become one with God.

Women are the centre of our universe. They deserve to lead a healthy life. For making the woman of 21st century ready for the day-to-day challenges, yoga comes to aid for many of them. Yoga and meditation music will go hand-in-hand in making a woman achieve that perfect state of well-being that she desperately needs right now. Yoga music has been phenomenal in helping woman deal with the stress and the inner turmoil in these turbulent times. Yoga is beneficial for them in a way that they don’t need to sweat it out in a gym as Yoga is a low-impact exercise. Women can enjoy Yoga at any age without being in top physical condition. Yoga music along with it relaxes a women to prepare her for the day-to-day challenges. The psychological benefits are immense and so are the physical changes.

At every stage of life, women can enjoy the benefits of Yoga. They will be more aware about their strengths and weaknesses. Their flexibility will improve and so will the coordination of muscles. Every system in the body gets a thorough work-out, be it cardio-vascular, respiratory and circulatory system. All the common problems in women are alleviated. For instance lower back pain before menstruation and during pregnancy subside with regular yoga exercise. During pregnancy mild yoga exercises will help the mother to remain fit without putting stress on the baby. Yoga strengthens the heart but keeps the blood pressure low. Under proper guidance, Yoga can ease a women into motherhood. Many yoga forms such as Kundalini Yoga will put any woman on top of her physical conditions.

Meditation music offered by Spirit Voyage is soothing and has been created by some of the most illuminating minds of our times. I am a woman by Yogi Bhajan is a Yoga DVD which stands out from hundreds of them available in Spirit Voyage. Yoga makes everyone happy, spirited and healthy. So, go ahead and transform yourself into a better human-being altogether.

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