Yoga Grants You Glowingly Young Skin

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By: Linda Adams

Particularly if during adolescence you had to contend with pimple or acne, large pores, dark circles around your eyes or washed-out looking skin. You are not the only one to go through that “suffering”. Actually, it is already an accepted fact that your external appearance merely reflects how you are inside. You can consider grayish pallor as an omen that toxins are existing in your liver; that dark circles under the eyes mean the presence of some kidney failure or disorder.

Yoga could restore the glow and charm you had when you were in the pink of youthful health. It is a complete activity that assures (and has fulfilled) rehabilitative gains for your mental, physical and spiritual self. You could use it as a means of getting and maintaining fitness and boosting youthful flawless skin. Yoga, from its translation meaning union has the principle of synchronizing your body, mind and spirit. That means the whole you, inside and out.

Yoga gets your blood flowing

Yoga postures stimulate the circulation of oxygenated blood to your face by zeroing in on internal organs for cell growth and regrowth. Hampered blood circulation causes your cells to have less of the oxygen and nutrients they badly need, resulting in your pale washed out complexion. Inverted asanas, or postures, place your brain below your heart level and work wonders in renewing your tired, dull skin back to its young charming glow.

Yoga flushes out your body toxins

When the facial pores get blocked by excess sebum, dead skin cells and toxins, the bacteria thrive! This leads to inflammation resulting in crusty pimples, large pores and other skin blemishes like white heads, blackheads and discoloration.

Yoga isn’t an indolent activity just because of its seated positions. There is a form of yoga called hot yoga which is done in a room that’s heated as high as 40 degrees Celsius, and this heat creates and discharges so much sweat that facilitates your detoxification.

Detox, how? Our skin can alter the condition of toxins from oil soluble to water soluble and ejects them out through the pores and sweat glands. Ergo, sweat is an tremendous detoxifying agent, cleansing your skin of unwanted dirt and oils.

Yoga provides stress-relief

Stress, popularized in the past century as the culprit for various body and mind ailments, can manifest also in skin imperfections. When stress levels rise, hormones like androgen and cortisol levels rise too, and generate massive production of sebum and promote the appearance of blemishes. Stress can give you sleepless nights, too, which then gifts you with bloated and puffed-up eyes and dark halos under your eyes.

Yoga is distinguished by its incorporation of meditation, directed breathing and mild elongations. This procedure conducts your mind inward and settles your gut to have serenity and bliss while reinvigorating your body and soul giving it comfort for your stressed muscles. Gentle-sounding music is merged with natural and instrumental sounds to give your beleaguered mind the peace and rest it needs. Like other types of exercise, yoga ejects endorphins and adrenaline, which then cause you to have and maintain a good mood and recharged outlook. Thus, you get not just to feel good, you even will then look good!

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