Yoga in Costa Rica

There is nothing quite like a Costa Rican sunset.

People have always told me that. But I sit here now, on the ocean’s shore, in full sensory explosion and awe of the colors stretched before me across the sky, and I finally ‘get’ it. Vibrant orange fire stretches across the sky. Shards of pink hues grace my paper as I write. The light: Exquisite, any photographer’s paradise. Surfers—in shadow—as dancers against the ocean’s canvas.

The tide rolls back out, leaving glassy wet sand as my perfect yoga mat. I stand strong in tadasana, the wet sand squishing between my toes, rooting me deeper into the earth. Inhaling up, I stretch my arms above my head to the open blue sky above, exhaling, I bow in forward fold to the palm tree covered hills that line the shore. Inhaling up—I breathe in the fresh ocean air–the negative ions filling my lungs and infusing me with fresh prana (life force), health, and vitality. I exhale, releasing down into forward fold—bowing towards the fiery ball of light melting behind the horizon.

Yes, there is nothing quite like a Costa Rica sunset. Practicing asana at the water’s edge in full presence with nature’s daily miracle. And time stands still, coaxing me towards deeper meditation. I am connected. I am in awe. I am at peace.

Just another Sunday afternoon in Dominical…..

By Debra Rubin, MA, CMT, RYT
Holistic health counselor, yoga teacher, dancer. fan page.

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