Yoga In The Jungle Is Better

Namaste (first name)

I’ve been traveling to Costa Rica on yoga retreats
ever since I fell in love with the Pura Vida lifestyle in 1999

(wow, last century seems SO long ago!)

I loved it so much I bought some property
and decided I would live there 6 months
per year or so.

I have this vivid memory of the first time
I did Yoga in Costa Rica.

It was at this tiny little studio, if you
could even call it that.

Really it was more of a Teak platform with
a thatched roof right on the beach.
It was perfect.

I’ve done yoga in studios in major US
cities for years, and nowhere did I ever
have a better practice than this little

The ocean breeze, distant soft calls of
birds, the churning waves allowed my mind
to really CALM itself.

Yoga in Costa Rica was just better!

Remember in my last blog what I said
about the attributes of WHERE you do yoga that’s important?

-Calm nurturing environment
-Near flowing water (ocean, stream, waterfall)
-Fresh clean (pollution free) air
-Near rich plant life
-relaxing music or silence (no street noise)

New research published in the journal
NeuroImage used brain scanning to monitor
neural activity in people who were shown two types of images: Tranquil beach scenes and non-tranquil highway scenes.

The results were astounding: Tranquil scenes caused distinct brain areas to become connected to one another, indicating that these regions were working in sync. In contrast, the non-tranquil highway scenes disrupted connections within the brain.

click here to see the article (
In short: Images of nature caused a positive physical reaction in the brain!

Now, let’s take that one step further.

Have you ever had a massage where they played rainforest sound during your treatment?

Well in my first visit to Costa Rica over a decade ago I treated myself to a massage at a rainforest spa.

It was such an incredible experience because I was so used to getting a massage with rainfores noise playing. This time I didn’t have to imagine I was getting a massage in the jungle, I was ACTUALLY THERE!

It was the REAL thing!

I was able to calm my mind much more effectively than back home. The result; Much FASTER Healing!

My achs, pains, went away fast, but most noticeably was my incredible emotional state after my genuine rainforest treatment.

It struck me as so simple, yet profound.

WHERE You are has a HUGE Impact on HOW much you can get your mind to relax and focus on healing.
So I’d like to ask you a favor;

That’s why Yoga in the jungle is better!

Write back to me and tell me when the last time was that you had a real vacation,.

I mean REAL.

A place where you can put the WHERE in to your practice and totally unplug.

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There is one other secret about Costa Rica’s rainforest that no other jungle and rain forests in the world has, but more on that later.

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