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Yoga is a movement increasing awareness to help people realize their full potential. The yoga use the ancient skills, improve their physical, mental, emotional and mental capacity, is to achieve physical, mental and spiritual harmony and unity of the movement.


Time: In general, people are using the morning, noon, evening or before going to bed to practice yoga postures. In fact, as long as you are fasting, you can practice it in any time you like. In other words, after a meal (3 hours later) is not suitable for practicing yoga. It seems the real yogi, 4 to 6 points early in the morning is the best time to practice yoga, because it is silent around this time, air is most pure, gastrointestinal activity stopped, the brain has not yet active, so it is easy to the deep yoga practice state.

Location: the best to practice yoga is in a clean, comfortable room because there is enough room for stretching avoiding touching any furniture. Room with fresh air circulation will benefit a lot. Because it is easy for the people who practice the yoga to enjoy the freedom of breathing oxygen. It is better to put on the green plants or flowers, and you can also play soft music to help yourself to relax.

Clothing: Wearing loose clothes which should be soft. So the cotton texture is preferred, you must ensure that the body is breathable and exercise without constraints. So you have to take off shoes and socks(the foot should keep warm in cold weather), watches, glasses, belts and other accessories.

Props: In order to go on your yoga course you should use a professional yoga mats as well. When the ground is not so plain, then the mat will benefit you a lot. It will help you keep your balance. However, if you do not have a professional yoga mats, covered with carpet or blanket. Do not practice it on the floor or on the bed, be careful not to let the foot slipping.

Bath: Bath 20 minutes before not to practice yoga, because yoga makes the body feel extremely sharp, then suddenly turns hot cold if given the stimulus, then it will hurt the body, depleting the energy stored in the body. Bath should not be within 20 minutes of yoga, because after the blood circulation of the bath, muscles become soft, if the right to practice yoga, not only easy to make the body injured and cause high blood pressure, increase the burden on the heart. People who have the heart disease, hypertension, hyperthyroidism and other diseases should particular pay attention to this point.

Food: As mentioned earlier, within 3 hours after a meal should not practice yoga postures. However, you can practice before 1 hour, eating a small amount of liquid food or drink something, such as milk, yogurt, honey, fruit juice. When you practice you can drink a little water to help expel toxins. You can eat something after 1 hour later. I recommend you to eat some natural foods and avoid eating some of greasy , spicy foods because these foods are easy to cause too much stomach acid. Do not eat too much or people will feel depressed and lazy. In addition, decreased appetite after yoga is a normal phenomenon.

This is the experience I have, hope you can benefit a lot.

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