Yoga Pose For Back Pain

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The Halasana, also know as the plow pose, is a beneficial yoga pose for back pain. It aids in stretching out the shoulders and spine, helps in reducing stress, and is therapeutic for many types of backaches. When performed to its fullest extent, using the Halasana yoga pose for back pain is considered a pose for intermediate to advanced practitioners of yoga. Its advised to try this pose only if you are experienced in yoga or have a trained yoga instructor present.

Beginning with a pose called Salamba Sarvangasana, a supported shoulder stand in which the body rests on its shoulders with the legs extended straight above your head, exhale and begin to bend your body from the hip joints. Now slowly lower you legs above and behind your head until your toes touch the floor. When practicing this yoga pose for back pain be sure to keep your torso perpendicular to the floor and your legs fully straight and extended.

With your toes still touching the floor, lift your things and tailbone up towards the ceiling and pull your inner groins into the pelvis. Your hands can either be placed on the back of your torso for added support or allowed to stretch out flat behind you. Hold this yoga pose for back pain anywhere from one to five minutes.

When you are ready to exit the Halasana pose bring your hands back onto your torso, if they arent already there, and slowly lift your legs above your head into the previous Salamba Sarvangasana position. Remember to exhale slowly while lifting your legs. From here, you will end this yoga pose for back pain by rolling onto your back.

Since most beginners wont be able to comfortably practice this yoga pose for back pain, they can try a modified version of the Halasana by using a prop. Take a folding metal chair and place the back of it against a wall. Next take a supporting blanket and lay it down approximately a foot in front of the edge of the chairs seat. Now lie down on the support blanket with your head resting on the floor between the blanket and the chair.

From here simply roll up, exhaling as you go, and rest your feet on the seat of the chair. When youre ready, lift your legs into the Salamba Sarvangasana position and then move on to the Halasana yoga pose for back pain. Exit this pose by reversing it, remembering to exhale when raising the legs.

While this pose is not recommended for those with neck injury or pregnant women who have not previously practiced yoga, the Halasana is suitable for expectant mothers who are regular practitioners of yoga. If back pain is getting the better of you try finding relief with the Halasana yoga pose for back pain.

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