Yoga Pose – The Recharge

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The Recharge helps you unwind and relax after the Endurance Workout. The exercise should release the tension and fatigue in your forehead and brow. The breathing portion of the exercise benefits your mind, body, and spirit.

Grab your ankle weights and follow these steps:

1. Sit with your legs crossed and your ankles beside your heels, and place the ankle weights on yo our thighs. Adding the weights helps sink your thighs into the floor.

2. Rub your palms together until they heat up. Perhaps you’ve heard of “healing hands?” Well, you’ve got a pair of them with you at all times. Use the warmth of your own two hands to heal.

3. Close your eyes, and gently cup your h hands over your eyes. The idea is to block out light without putting pressure on your eyes. Let the warmth of your hands soften and release any tension in your forehead and brow. In traditional yoga, placing warm palms over the eyes is called palming.

4. Take six to ten Complete Breaths. A Complete Breath is a deep, relaxing breath.

After you finish the Endurance Workout, take a moment to engage in meditation. Meditation isn’t about sitting still or forcing yourself to be quiet; it’s about anchoring your consciousness into the present moment. You deepen your relationship to your breath in a calm and steady way. The common aim is to focus the scattered rays of your mind on a single point, like a laser beam of attention, in order to lead you to a state of self-realization.

We believe that the ability to concentrate and focus is an essential part of endurance, so we include exercises in this workout designed to help you concentrate and focus. Depending on your level of need and how hard you want to train, we recommend doing the Endurance Workout twice a week. If you’re training for a triathlon or other grueling sport, work out three times a week, and alternate on other days with the Strengthening Workout.You’ll discover how to access the power of concentration and inner resilience to meet your mental and physical demands. Endurance training is an opportunity to train your mind while strengthening your body.

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