Yoga Pose – The Russian Dancer

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When most people think of endurance, they think about being able to go beyond physical limitations or overcoming fatigue. This workout provides exercises and mindfulness practices to help you develop not only your physical strength, but also your mental will to keep going when the going gets tough. Each time you practice these exercises, you develop a little more stamina to endure in a healthy, mindful way.

We believe that the ability to concentrate and focus is an essential part of endurance, so we include exercises in this workout designed to help you concentrate and focus. Sometimes, endurance is simply a matter of putting aside the large and small distractions so you can focus on the task at hand. Other times, endurance is a matter of talking to yourself — of conducting an inner dialogue so you can push ahead through the distractions. When you communicate with yourself, you can remove the obstacles that may be standing in your way. You can walk the forward path in life with an ease that will amaze you.

The Russian Dancer is an exercise that helps build strength, stamina, and endurance. It tones and conditions your legs and gently engages your pelvic region. The exercise is relatively easy to do, but it gives you a good workout and tests your endurance. You’ll feel like you danced up a storm all night long after you finish!

You need both hand and ankle weights for this exercise. When you’re ready, follow these steps:

1. Stand with your feet below your hips, your toes pointing forward, and your arms dangling at you ur sides, holding the hand weights with your palms facing inward. This is the starting position. Look straight ahead.

2. Inhaling to a count of four, lift your right knee to the height of your hips. Your knee should be bent at a 90-degree angle, with your foot below your knee.

3. Exhaling to a count of four, press your right heel away from your body and straighten your leg. Your supporting leg should be straight, but if you can’t keep it straight, that’s okay. Let your knee bend gently in the beginning until you’re flexible and strong enough to keep it straight. Flex your foot, and really push your leg out.

4. Inhaling to a count of four, return your right leg to the bent-knee posi- tion .

5. Exhaling to a count of four, lower your right leg to the starting posi- tion (see Step 1).

Alternating legs, repeat this exercise six to eight times with each leg, take a rest, and then do six to eight more repetitions with each leg.

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