Yoga Pose – The Serenity

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The Serenity is a relaxing pose designed to transition you from the Restorative Workout to the rest of your day. You should understand that gravity is your friend and feel the heaviness of your body resting. The natural force is removing the fatigue from your body. Feel the waters of your mind coming to a standstill — try imagining that you’re a sun-warmed rock in the middle of a rushing stream.

You need a single ankle weight for this exercise. When you’re ready, follow these steps:

Lie on your back with the ankle weight resting across your abdomen and your arms in a T position, palms facing upward. This is the starting (and ending) position. Make sure your legs are straight.

Using Abdominal Breaths, slowly inhale to four counts. Feel the gentle rounding and fullness of your belly as you breathe in deeply.

Slowly exhale to six counts. As you exhale, feel your belly deflating toward the floor.

Relax throughout this exercise. Feel your body unwind and loosen up.

The Serenity calls for six to eight abdominal breaths.

Before you say goodbye to the Restorative Workout and go back to riding rodeo bulls or whatever you plan to do next, engage in a moment or two of silent meditation. Meditation helps you integrate the work you’ve just done into your body; it gives your body a chance to feel what it has just experienced and absorb the benefits physically and mentally. Chapter 6 explains several meditation techniques. Find a technique you enjoy and do it at the end of this workout.

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