Yoga Poses For Beginners

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Yoga is a form of exercise that consists of hundreds of poses. It can be overwhelming for the beginners to select the appropriate poses for them. The best approach in this case is to start with the basic movements as this will also prevent injuries. Moreover, you can learn new poses with the passage of time as your body becomes used to yoga. In this article, you will find the 3 most famous and basic yoga poses for beginners.

Tree Pose.

The tree pose also known as Vrkasana is one of the most famous and very effective pose for improving mental focus. This pose is especially very helpful for those people who find it difficult to concentrate on a task. Tree pose also helps in improving the body balance.

Stand straight with your back in erect position. Join your palms together and point them towards the sky. Now slowly raise one of your legs in a way that it rests on the knee of the other. Your primary focus should be to balance yourself on one leg.

Downward Facing Dog.

This pose is also known as Adho Mukha Svanasana and is very effective for stretching and strengthening the whole body. This pose is very useful for people having back problems. Downward facing dog pose is common in almost every type of yoga because of its effectiveness.

Start this pose on your knees and palms. Now slowly start straightening your legs until they are absolutely straight. Secondly, straighten your arms and bring them outwards so that your collar bone is fully stretched. The final position in this case is like a slide. Hold this position for a few deep breaths in order to get best results.

Easy Pose.

As the name suggests, it is one of the easiest poses to perform in yoga. This pose is also know as Sukhasana in Sanskrit language. Easy pose is very effective for improving posture and is mainly used for meditation purposes.

Sit down with your hip bone resting on a nice and comfortable place and legs crossed. You just need to make sure that your hips is slightly above your knees in order to perform this pose properly. You can have your palms resting on your knee caps and breath deeply during this process.

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