Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

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In modern world, we tend to neglect our health by thrusting blame on time factor. The lack of time is usual complain made by people. In all this hustle bustle of life, we neglect healthy diet, adequate sleep, and regular light exercise. Saving time has lead to increase in weight gain. In order to save time, people eat fast food, skip walking and opt for driving, dependency on electronic gadgets, and skip exercise to grab some extra nap. But, we do not realize the side effects of these habits. All these habits have led to increase in gaining weight.

Obesity is common problem with all age groups of the society. Increase in weight also welcomes numerous diseases that becomes threatening to healthy life. You may get many weight loss products available in the market but, all these products never guarantee your weight loss. Many health clubs may offer you different weight loss programs. Sometimes it just becomes a way of spending enormous money without getting any desired profit. Before you start any weight loss program, it is very much essential to make your mind. We need to maintain the enthusiasm for our decision throughout the session.

Few people follow the regime for some days and then back to pavilion. You need to have very strong dedication for proper growth and development of our health. Thus, to loose your weight effortlessly you may follow yogic lifestyle. It is a way of life where you learn the most valued principles of life. Dedication, determination, and strong will power are very much important to follow yogic lifestyle. Yoga is way of healthy living. Yoga aims at perfection of mind. A perfect mind is calm and quiet, completely at peace. The basic technique of yoga is meditation. A healthy body with healthy mind can work much better and efficiently. Yoga is primarily a discipline, which catalyses spiritual growth and gives better physical and mental health. Ayurveda has been recommending the path of yoga from long decades. That is now followed by modern medicine.

Yoga poses is precious tool in mind and body medicine. The right postures, nutritious diet, adequate sleep, meditation, and yogic attitude all are part of yoga lifestyle. The yoga asanas- poses- are very much beneficial to heal numerous ailments. The yoga asanas are an important part of yoga practice. The asanas are most visible part of the yoga practice. Asanas exactly means postures. It can be classified into three different types: meditation, relaxation, and physical exercise. Practicing asanas provide good exercise to all parts of the body. You can overcome many diseases by performing right yoga asanas and following healthy lifestyle. Practicing yoga asanas is the simplest and easiest way to loose weight. The yoga postures that can help in loosing weight are as follows:

1. Paschimottanasna
2. Uttanasana
3. Virabhadrasana
4. Ardhakapotasana
5. Trikonasana
6. Ardhasarvangasana

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