Yoga Positions, The Yogic Prescription For Health And Healing

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By: Jimmy Cox

The most popular yoga positions are called Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga gives aid to the emotional, mental and well-being of the human body. It dates back to the 15th century and it focuses on making the body more fit for a higher form of meditation. Different positions are recommended by doctors to take away health problems ranging from headaches to cancer.

It helps relieve stress from the body. It takes away stress because it stretches the body, while at the same time controlling your breathing. This relaxes the body so you can focus more on any kind of meditation. It gets your body lean, toned and fit.

Yoga is great for people of all ages. It doesn’t take that long to learn and it is fun. Those that do yoga don’t usually gain weight like the body usually does every single year. Those that don’t use yoga gain a pound a year. If you add those pounds up you can see a tremendous weight gain. Practicing it takes both your mind and your body. There are eight basic exercises.

There is yoga that focuses on the correct alignment of the body. You hold your poses for a longer period of time. Another type is practiced in a room that is heated to 105 degrees. You want to make sure you practice yoga safely, by breathing the correct way, don’t overstretch, go slowly and learn from a teacher.

What do you need while doing yoga? You need some comfortable fitting clothing that will allow you to move around freely. You don’t want to be distracted by clothing either. You don’t want to be focusing on the clothing instead you want to keep your mind on the exercises. Most people go barefoot while doing this kind of exercising. The other thing you want to get is a nice mat with padding. This will help you if you are on a really hard floor.

Other things you can get are a bag to carry your mat in. You can also get some nice music to exercise to. The music is so relaxing that it helps relieves the stress in your muscles. You’ll feel a lot better and your body will respond to it in a great way. Sometimes the music brings you the sounds of nature and the outdoors. It is light, inspirational and helps keep you in a good mood.

You also want to get a good water bottle, this way you can flush out the toxins in your body as you are doing the exercises. The more water you drink the better off you will be.

You want to make stretching a part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth and eating. You want to make stretching as important as these other daily routines because if you don’t you’ll be tempted to leave them out. This is just a few things I know about yoga positions.

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