Yoga Provides Health and Happiness

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What determines how happy and healthy you are? For the most part, it’s you. You are in control of all the factors that determine how happy and how healthy you live. There will be diseases, accidents and things out of our control, but that impacts our lives far less than the factors that we have control of. People such as physicians, therapists and other third parties can help you through major events, but you are responsible for your day to day health and happiness. Yoga can help you build an inner strength that can teach you to live wisely and create happiness for yourself.

If you asked someone on the street what health means, they would probably say that health means to not have disease, so the opposite of disease. Yoga teaches that health is not just an absence of disease but also a completely specific state of being, a positive state of being. Having a healthy body is not all it takes to have health. Yoga says that being connected to your social and physical environment is vital. Essentially, being happy is also part of being healthy.

Life is crazy. Everything is constantly moving and fluxing. Your health will also go up and down, as does life. It’s harder these days to keep healthy because the environment is so toxic. You should expect that your health will eventually take dips, as even something as small as taking a fall and getting a bruise will upset that balance. Your body will react to that bruise and use everything it has to heal it. Yoga helps create the best conditions for healing that it can. You work towards getting your health stable and then your immune system will grow strong, keeping you healthy for as long as possible and healing wounds faster.

The main focus for Yoga is healing and not curing. Yoga will help you look at deeper causes for issues, instead of simply covering up the problem and moving on. Quite often the causes to these problems occur in your mind, with the way you live and the way you think. This is why it’s so important to understand yourself and how you think. Most people will wait until they experience pain or illness and then get medicine to fix the problem. Yoga encourages people to stop the problem before it happens. Take the initiative to prevent the injury or illness before it happens. You will stay much healthier this way and happier. For example, you may need to have an operation or take medication for a pinched nerve, but if you had only changed the way you spent your time, not sitting at a computer or in front of the TV for so many hours without getting up and moving around, you would have avoided the issue altogether. We are far too passive when it comes to our health and taking the initiative to fix these problems before they occur will increase our health.

Yoga provides a way to happiness and health, we just have to listen. Everything you need comes from within yourself. You just need to harness that power and use it to embrace life in all the different ways it exists.

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