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Costa Rica Yoga Retreat Contest Tips and Tricks

First off, make sure to read this entire blog to get all my tips and tricks you will need to give you the BEST chance of winning the contest.

The Costa Rica Yoga Vacation Retreat Contest Series was designed with you in mind! You, who are ready for a break, need to revitalize, renew, refresh. You who have been too busy taking care of everyone else in your life. You who haven’t had a real vacation in YEARS! It’s time, for a Costa Rica Yoga Retreat.

We are working hard to always have a retreat to give away. If you know any Yoga studio owners, instructors, or schools that would like to participate in our giveaway, please have them e-mail right away with “I want to give away a CR Retreat” in the subject line. They will get TONS of free advertising, and YOU will get another chance to win!

Our upcoming Costa Rica Vacation Retreat giveaway is:
January 31st – February 5, 2012 Win a 6 days 5 nights Costa Rica Yoga Retreat in Punta Leona* with instructor Peter Hurley!

Here is a photo of the million dollar Costa Rica Beach Front home in Punta Leona, just about 15 minutes north of Jaco Beach on the Central West coast.

*You are responsible for your travel to San Jose Costa Rica. The rest of the Costa Rica Yoga Retreat is all inclusive for the winner!

Click here to enter.

So, what will you win?

Just imagine…5 nights, 6 days in an oceanfront mansion on the cliffs of Punta Leona on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast.

Together in a small group of like-minded people escaping the daily stresses of life to practice yoga, meditate, eat healthy, explore an adventure of a lifetime.

Do you NEED this in your life right now?

There are many ways you can earn points for fre.e by helping us spread the word about this retreat.

Each point you earn = another chance to win! And you can earn an unlimited number of chances.

But you MUST follow step 1 FIRST:

Step 1: Click Here and login with contest simple and click “allow”

“If you don’t do step one, you WON’T be able to earn any more points.”

You’ll only have one point (1 point= 1 chance to win) for entering while everyone else will be earning hundreds and thousands of chances.

So don’t skip step 1. Do it now.

Ok, Here are the things you can earn points for and how many AFTER COMPLETING STEP 1:

•Liking our page = 50 points!
•Recommend our page = 200 points!
•Login with Facebook = 250 points!•
•Send Private Recommendations = 50 points per share!•
•E-mail your friends = 25 points per new contestant who signs up from your share!
•Make a video = 750 points!
•Add link to your website = 500 points plus 25 points for each clicked link by individual user
•Facebook comment = 100 points when you share your comment on your facebook wall

Tip! When you click to Share on Facebook share on your wall, THEN Share with friends in a private message. Share with 50 friends = 2500 points! There is NO limit!

Our last winner was Debbie, dedicated mother of two, busy supermom and yoga lover. She got over 1,250 points because she shared the link through facebook to 25 friends.
Cool, huh? 🙂

Once you’ve entered check back daily to see your points.

Stay tuned for more tips on what else you can do to earn a zillion points

We really, really want to see you at our next Costa Rica Yoga Vacation Retreat.



PS Did you know that Ashtanga Yoga is the type of yoga that promotes healing the fastest? Serious. More about why that is coming later.

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