Yoga Retreat Costa Rica: Sacred Waterfalls, Tropical Beaches, and Luxurious Suites in the Rainforest

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Crystalline waters rushing to the sea, cascading over rocks into a magnificent waterfall, a giant blue butterfly passing through a mystical rain forest. Mist rises in the early morning after the evening’s rains greeting the sun rise – a high Mayan priestess with Jaguar colored eyes smiles through ancient trees as we begin our spiritual journey in the heart of the Costa Rican rainforest. Do you hear the sounds of the white hawk cry in the distance, the call to return to the primeval land? It is time to spend a few days in rejuvenation – release your mind, nurture your body, and expand your aura with the colors of your soul.

Women’s Yoga Retreat Costa Rica: Yoga at Waterfall Villas

Three wise woman, Maya, Fateh and Raven, are holding a woman’s Goddess Gathering to teach, share, and celebrate what is magical in this life, and to honor the feminine Goddess inside each of us for 5 days after the Summer Solstice to impart their wisdom with you.

Next to the waterfalls, Fateh starts the mornings with a Sadhana of sacred Yoga in the Kundalini style, drink fresh noni and green coconuts, exotic fruits – awaken a personal practice of being in touch with our bodies, and expand the aura.

Raven shares how to open the energies of a sacred space, and how to create a place for our soul to expand and connect to the spirit of nature.

In a higher dimension there is the awakened mind, and one would only have to ask to receive the answers. Maya unlocks the sacred precise of Goddess Astrology – Ceres, Juno, Lilith, …and she will tell us each individually, who the Goddess is in each one of us.

Chanting on the beach, gathering shells, swim in the ocean next to the rainforest, and bathe in a waterfall. Let your spirit soar to new heights! Be with the ones who have come from all corners of the earth together magically to Cascadas Farallas, the sacred place in the Baru rainforest. The constant flow of crystalline white water is breathtaking. Exotic giant florescent blue butterflies dance every day in the falls Luxury suites for individual or shared.

Goddess Gathering – Spiritual Retreat in Costa Rica June 22-27th 5 nights – all inclusive Yoga Retreat

The gathering will be at the Waterfall Villas, a Balinese eco-retreat next to the Cascadas Farallas waterfalls. A wildlife sanctuary and spiritual retreat in an exclusive aesthetic style of contemporary tropical luxury. Experience a trip of a lifetime.

The chef offers a wide range of world cuisine, including gourmet vegetarian, vegan, and raw vegan food.

Enjoy luxurious massages at the Waterfall Spa specializing in Mayan treatments and Ayurvedic Shirodhara,

The Goddess Gathering is $995 all inclusive including lodging, meals, and a Waterfall Spa treatment. A private transportation service from the airport in San Jose is additional.

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