Yoga Stretches for Runners

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Stretching properly before and after a run can prevent injury, and help you get the most out of your run. Yoga is a great way to learn just how to stretch properly before running.

There are some yoga poses that you want to be sure to incorporate into your yoga routine that are beneficial to runners:

-The “pigeon” pose loosens up the leg muscles very well.

-Warrior 1, 2, and 3, build leg strength and endurance.

-I would definitely also incorporate stretches such as the cat-cow stretch, cobbler pose, and seated spinal twists to really open up the hips and stretch the back.

The best way to learn these poses and how to make them into a workout is by getting on a program. I think it would be beneficial to readers if I suggest programs that teach great yoga stretches for runners.

It’s critical that in order to learn how to stretch properly, or do yoga properly, that you find a program that gives comprehensive instruction. Also, you want one that is flexible time wise in order to be able to fit it into your running regime. I would recommend looking at a program called Runner’s yoga. Runner’s Yoga will teach you the best yoga stretches for your running needs, and is designed specifically for that purpose. See if it’s right for you here.

Additionally, I would suggest going to yoga forums and getting advice from other runners who are into yoga. That can help out a lot. Happy running and good luck!

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