Yoga Supplies: Blankets, Blocks, Bolsters and More

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By : Ann Marier

It is not always necessary to use yoga supplies to practice yoga. Sometimes, however, people that are very involved in yoga may decide on buying yoga supplies to improve on their routines.

There are two types of equipment to consider and these include the basic forms such as mats, eye bags and blankets and the more advanced forms which include belts, blocks as well as bolsters. In addition, you may want to try out supports for different yoga positions.

Yoga Mats the Most Popular

Perhaps the most often used yoga supply is the yoga mat which is especially useful in helping the practitioner to grip while moving and holding individual asanas. These mats do not cost much money; if you choose a quality synthetic mat, you should remember to wash by hand as far as possible

Another part of yoga supplies is the blanket which is useful to relax in when you finish with the yoga exercises and they also come in handy while providing moderate support in a number of poses that includes the headstand and shoulder-stand. You should opt for light blankets when using them for supporting the neck while performing head and shoulder stands.

To relax even further, you may want to use another piece of yoga supplies in the form of eyebags made from satin and filled with linseed, or some other organic and light weight material.

Other forms of yoga supplies include props which are very useful for beginners as well as for those with a physical handicap. Props can also make a person more aware of the subtle nuances of different poses as they help to align the body properly and can be used to best effect along with belts, bolsters, chairs and other yoga supplies.

You may also consider the bolster, which is a yoga supply that does wonders when you perform floor exercises and it can also help in supporting the back. If you are standing while performing a yoga routine, you may want to consider a block which helps those who are not very flexible bend and reach the floor. There are a number of poses in which the belt comes in handy and this yoga supply helps in bending forward as well as helps align the arms properly.

If you feel the need to spend some money on yoga supplies, you will need to look for specialized props that are used while doing a headstand, or back-bend. The advantage of having a good prop for your yoga routine lies in it helping to make yoga more fun, and it also improves your ability to perform different routines better. You may also consider other yoga supplies such as a hatha yoga DVD in order to gain more insight into the different yoga practices.

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