Yoga – The Elixir For Stress And Fatigue

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Yoga could be the answer, the elixir to regain your energy and improve your mood.

But yoga is not a miraculous cure-all. You still have to put some work to get it. Lack of exercise, as weve been taught since gradeschool, makes us prone to illness and other health problems.

Yoga is an exercise involving stretching movements (called asanas) that can slowly release and extend the body, which gives or increases elasticity, limbering and force; breathing exercises (called pranayama) intended to purify the body, relax the nervous system and emotions; and a directed relaxation to remove body tension and encourage a positive feeling.

Other yoga groups have activities comprising of meditation and chanting.

Yoga effects so many good results on your body, soul and state of mind. These are but a few of the best advantages to your body from frequent yoga practice.

You get improved bearing from frequently doing yoga. Regularly doing the yoga sequences makes you detect your stature. The different asanas, like the mountain pose or tadasana all function in unison and have the effect of you desiring a tall and straight bearing with chest out and shoulders back.

Yoga loosens up your joints and ligaments causing their elasticity. Greater importance is put on the gentle body stretches and your regulating your inhale-exhale motions, with which yoga enables your muscles and joints to expand their movements more. Another asana, the triangle pose enlarges and extends the entire side of your body, especially accenting the area of your hips. The rock-the-baby pose, on the other hand, widens the outer area of the groin and relaxes the joints of the hips.

Your blood gets to flow more smoothly and and move around your body completely. The asana sequence called the Sun salutation lets your blood and energy make an even and easy transmission all around your whole body.

Yoga has a tranquilizing effect on your nerves. Frequent yoga practice incites parasympathetic nerves that helps relax and calm you.

Your body’s internal organs are spurred into positive action by yoga. The seated spinal twist and other positions transport new oxygen to your internal organs.

The lateral twisting postures take nourishment to the base of the spinal nerves and the sympathetic nervous system causing greater elasticity to your spine.

Yoga helps in the proper functioning of your breathing system. Breathing exercises in yoga trains your respiratory system to function properly. Improved breathing results in enhanced zest and energy.

Now you understand that yoga benefits your body and your health? Good health makes you positive towards a good life.

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