Yoga – the key to self-healing

Yoga – the key to self-healing

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What happens to us when we cease to perform usual daily traffic for us and assure all our minds? Our mind is in union with the physical body begins to transform themselves by themselves. Thus, to create conditions for the occurrence of such unexpected and running processes of universal regeneration of the body nature gave us the key, called “yoga.” In order to ensure that our universal system of creation and self-reproduction to a more healthy and youthful state, you must regularly engage in traditional yoga.

You are not asking them ever question – why a patient after surgery, left for a long time in hospital. Besides the fact that the patient is under continuous supervision of experienced doctors, the state of rest and immobility launches natural magic of the natural processes of recovery. At that time, the human body comes to life by connecting needed resources.

As for consciousness, it is here, as they say, out of work. Everything happens at the level of unconsciousness, and therefore cannot be controlled by consciousness. It seems to me, nature comes more reasonable than submitted to our consciousness. Daily, every minute the pressure of various factors of our lives in a state of rest retreat, and our body finds the opportunity to straighten up, get rid of him interfering terminals.

It’s such a simple truth that is often completely inaccessible most serious minds. It’s so obvious even a child that practicing classical yoga helps our body and psyche to resolve the problem of leaning. Diagram of such a recovery is also extremely simple – it is necessary to carry out exercises permanently in the same time, same place. But how difficult this simple! People can regularly smoke and drink beer, but to make regularly engage themselves with their health often becomes completely incapable. Our bodies function according to certain laws, which change is impossible.

Modern science has stepped too far, but not in a position to improve the direct impact of physiological processes. However, changing the force of impact can affect these processes indirectly.

Classical Hatha Yoga involves only a moderate impact on our body and psyche. Even while unconscious, all the processes of life-support work on their own. To get the desired effect, you need regular exercise of traditional yoga, which is headed by the slogan “Action through no action.” This is the only justified and safe way to improve.

I hope you have correctly understood that this path is not straight? It is impossible to make work force spleen or find a phenomenal flexibility. A yoga class will help us achieve the necessary changes in the psyche and the body under the influence of environment in which we deliver them.

The main task of classical yoga is to create just such an environment, under the influence of which we can achieve optimum results in our mental and physical resilience.

Regularity of such training runs the gradual process of regeneration. The beauty of positive changes in our state is the lack of direct effects on harassing us authority. Everything happens quite harmoniously and naturally. Therefore, spontaneous attempts to accelerate these processes must be timely to prevent, so as not to harm health.

You only need to pick up and create the necessary and sufficient conditions. Next do not worry – the processes of regeneration will make its beneficial work. Just learn how to “do without doing.” And attach to this particular regular effort. Make a daily basis, and the result is bound to be. Do not force and accelerates the process. Make friends with them, and do not drive horses.

Restoring the body in a roundabout way is a cornerstone of classical yoga.

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