Yoga, the Path to Happiness

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We all hear about Yoga, meditation and other similar disciplines or philosophies. Some of us think it’s good exercise and some that it’s good for dealing with stress. Well, actually it is much more.

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Yoga is something that can quite literally change your life. It starts by showing you what is really going on with your life, you see truly how your body functions, how your energy flows, how your emotions can be out of control and most importantly how your mind really works. And then you understand yourself much more. You can suddenly see clearly why you behave as you do and how blind we are most of the time.

Actually Yoga can do much more for you. It is a system so ancient and magical, it will touch your soul and transform your perception of reality; you will be one of the few who can truly see. (as said in Zen: Satori, which simply means direct vision).

Of course, at this point the biggest question most of you will ask is: so which Yoga is the real Yoga? I mean, there are so many styles of Yoga out there, which should I choose?

There is no one answer to this question. Most Yogis (adepts of Yoga) will obviously vouch for their style. But the question you need to ask yourself is not which Yoga path is right for you, but actually to look inside and try to feel your own heart and soul and simply answer this question: What do I want from my life?

When you ask Why? you will discover that the answer is not as clear as you thought all along. Because if you are sincere with yourself, you will realize that most of life’s so-called objectives are actually just cravings of your ego and what you really want in life is something else. Not a firm sexy body, not a lot of energy, not to be rich and famous etc. but actually one simple thing: To be truly happy.

That should be the first step. So how does that relate to Yoga? Well, it does very much. You see, when you truly understand what it is that we all need and ask for, to be happy, then you can make your choices in life much easier and with much more clarity. So which Yoga style is good for you? It is that style of Yoga that when you try practicing it, you find it gives you an inner feeling of touching your heart. That you have finally reached home.

Agama Yoga is, in my opinion, exactly that kind of Yoga school. I have seen countless people coming to Agama Yoga school confused, troubled, angry, pleading for help and after just 1 month of Yoga course turning into centered and clear minded human beings. It is a little bit like waking up from a dream (or a nightmare in some cases) and realizing for the first time what the true purpose of life is Much more about Yoga, Tantra and spirituality coming soon.

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