Yoga – the path to health

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First, let’s define what is health? Health – this is a very interesting concept. As a rule, we are more likely to notice its absence rather than presence. Thus, health – it is a state body in which all organs and systems of people work without disruptions and violations and does not create discomfort to the owner. Therefore, a healthy person does not notice that he is healthy. He simply has nothing to notice. He begins to care for their health too late, when it was already pretty compromised.

In today’s computer world is human nature to a sedentary lifestyle. There was a kingdom of inactivity. Lack of movement affects the functioning of the whole organism. Our health adversely affects the desire for comfort. Care of the nature and the minimization of physical activity could not affect the nervous and emotional spheres of life of modern man. The body has ceased to assume the burden of incineration and recycling of the stress of the psyche. At the same time, information flows strive to literally drown the consciousness of our contemporaries in their ever-growing waves.

Do not forget to mention about the cars. More and more people use them, even where one has to go just a few steps. From here begins the general obesity. Here are the roots of the rejuvenation of cardiovascular diseases. Modern man understands that if you do not start taking care of his new car, his horse can quickly lose their health. Health of his body and his psyche interested only when they falter. Yes, undoubtedly, people are living longer. But is it possible to call a full life, built on chronic pain and tons of drugs.

What we see now? Number of people with mental illnesses is growing around us unprecedented pace. Here and there appear more and more new kinds of nervous diseases. A huge portion of people are looking for oblivion in alcohol and drugs, because they feel the need for a temporary disconnection from the crazy pace of life and information. Is there no means to combat physical inactivity and its consequences? Of course there is. This is a traditional recreational sport. But the modern sport with its simulators simulates natural human movement, even jogging with treadmills. How could such an occupation compared with the present run, when there will certainly change the landscape. On the path you should not deceive us, to instill that you are actually running. And it’s much more fun, you will agree with me. Inventing a fitness bike, people re-invent the wheel.

In this article I want to remind you that there is a universal means of adapting to the modern pace of life. The name of this tool, you are familiar with. This is a classical Indian yoga. That it can help us preserve and enhance health. In addition, yoga is available literally everyone. You can do at home without using any missiles and simulators. Yoga has a beneficial impact not only the body but also on the psyche. The reliability of this method of recovery is supported by the millennial practice.

Any position in the classical yoga works as a benefit of the entire organism, and for the benefit of a specific organ. Thus, one shot we kill two birds: take care of general health promotion and affects a specific organ or system. Overload in yoga occur only in people who do not meet exactly all the instructions and regulations that are making their corrections to the classical elements of yoga.

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