Yoga Vacations In The Beautiful Country Of Costa Rica

Written by: Brayo M.N

With more and more people taking up Yoga to boost their physical, mental as well as spiritual discipline various resorts have been set up around the world to offer a full Yoga experience during vacations. Costa Rica has not been left behind in participating in this industry and boasts of several top-class Yoga resorts that guarantee a very unique experience and located in very ideal places to boost relaxation.

The Anamaya Body Mind & Spirit Resort is an example of one such world-class resort. Located in Montezuma on a cliff edge overlooking a beautiful ocean view, the resort offers several types of mixed-level Yoga classes as well as luxurious spa services and Yoga retreats instructed bt very professional practitioners.

Another renowned resort is Ama Tierra where daily Yoga classes are practised in a very magnificent open-air pavilion which overlooks the Costa Rican mountains. They offer Hatha Yoga classes to everybody regardless of age or ability level. They also offer frequent Yoga retreats for various groups.

Other popular resorts include: Samasati Nature Retreat, Panacea de la MontaƱa, Tango Mar and the Luna Lodge among various others that also offer various Yoga classes and Yoga retreats for individuals and groups.

The resorts offer various packages to suit the various individual needs of their clients and also to accommodate the different classes of clients they get because the packages come in different rates.

For the convenience of their clients worldwide, the resorts and hotels offer on-line bookings and reservations in their websites. To make the experience more thrilling, they also offer extra services like nature trails and tours and sports like golf apart from the excellent accommodation to make the clients enjoy their trip trip more.

Costa Rica is undoubtedly a unforgettable destination for Yoga vacations and this is evidenced by the many visitors who stream into the resorts year in, year out.

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