You Owe Yourself A Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

Written By: Angelo Salazar

All the time you have been spending at work deserves to be rewarded with a Costa Rica yoga retreat. A Costa Rica yoga retreat is an excellent way of coping with the stresses and anxieties of the workplace. The ancient Indian discipline of yoga helps you calm the nerves by taking the body through a series of poses and through breath control. It counteracts the natural “fight or flight” response that you experience any time you feel threatened or when you find yourself in stressful situations. A Costa Rica yoga retreat will put you back in control, calm your mind, and neutralize stress.

Now imagine the soothing effects of yoga amid a tropical paradise. A Costa Rica yoga retreat is an experience unlike anything else you have ever had. Costa Rica is a land of immense natural wealth and beauty. Nature parks and reserves house an incredible variety of native flora and fauna, while the rugged beauty of the land is punctuated by virgin tropical rainforests and dense jungles, winding rivers and canals, mystical mountain ranges and pristine waterfalls. This breathtaking beauty serves as the backdrop for your Costa Rica yoga retreat. Many resorts and camps cater to stressed-out individuals seeking a haven from work related stress. They offer the perfect venue for your Costa Rica yoga retreat.

You have a wide selection of Costa Rica yoga retreats to choose from. The Yoga Farm in Punta Banco along the southern Pacific coast is set within the rainforest, and offers spectacular views of the ocean. The area is renowned for its abundant wildlife, so a stay here guarantees numerous encounters with native species. Oneness with nature is definitely a part of this Costa Rica yoga retreat as the Yoga Farm adheres to a “green” philosophy, and is 100 percent solar powered. They also harvest rainwater, and they grow much of the food consumed.

Another excellent choice for your Costa Rica yoga retreat is the Blue Osa Yoga Sanctuary and Spa. This secluded sanctuary just east of the famed Corcovado National Park has made it their mission to promote harmony with each other and with nature. They offer a variety of Costa Rica yoga retreat packages, including private retreats for couples. If you would like to get deeper into yoga, Blue Osa also offers a thirty day program for yoga teacher training. Even when you are no longer in Costa Rica, yoga retreats can continue under your guidance and tutelage.

Montezuma Yoga was founded by a German woman, and promotes itself as a safe and friendly Costa Rica yoga retreat destination even for women travelling alone. The resort also counts as one of its strong points the fact that it is far away from any real estate development projects and caters to a highly ecologically oriented community. Set by the sea along the coast of Nicoya Peninsula, they offer to set up and manage your entire Costa Rica yoga retreat so that all you do is relax while you take in the beautiful beaches, off-trail waterfalls, jungle animals and other natural attractions within the area.

The Luna Lodge, Del Mar Surf Camp and Blue Spirit Resort are other notable destinations for your Costa Rica yoga retreat. When the stresses of work start catching up with you, remember that Costa Rica yoga retreats are just a flight away.

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